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Years of Experience

in Coal Industry


PT. DNR INTERNATIONAL is registered Coal Trading and mining company under the law of Republic of Indonesia operates Coal business in South, East, and Central Kalimantan under brand name of 'DNR COAL'.
DNR COAL established in 2003 and has expanded its business operation thorough out Kalimantan Island Area in production, sourcing and marketing Indonesian Steam Coal. We focus on Joint Venture with several coal miners (IUP owner) in South, East, and Central Kalimantan. We also focus in direct marketing and sale of final products of Steam Coal to end buyers in many countries as well as to Indonesian local buyers. With experience in coal production, management and marketing, we are now well known as one of main suppliers in coal in Kalimantan Island Area. We stay focus on delivering high quality product, and best price available.
DNR COAL has 5 (five) offices to manage the whole business process. Office in Jakarta is to manage marketing, business contracts and legal matters, located in South Jakarta. Other offices are located in South and East Kalimantan, the largest Steam Coal producer province in Indonesia. Office in South Kalimantan is to manage daily operational and supported by various trained staffs from Quality Control, Stockpile Manager, Logistic Manager and Shipping Manager.


+62 813 5181 5135 [ID]
+1 832 646 6666 [US]
+84 09 2211 9999 [VN]

Our Vision

To become the leader in steam coal business in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Mining and delivering steam coal as energy in a sustainable manner for the benefits of all parties.
Providing one-stop solution in steam coal businesses for all partners and clients worldwide.

Years of Coal


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Jakarta, South Kalimantan,
and East Kalimantan.


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General Questions

  • How long has DNR COAL been in Coal Services?
    We have been in Coal Business for nearly 20 (twenty) years since our company established in 2003.
  • How many offices does DNR COAL have?
    We have 5 (five) offices in Indonesia: our headquarter is located in Jakarta (the current Capital City of Indonesia, 2 branch offices in South Kalimantan, also 2 branch offices in East Kalimantan,
  • Can DNR COAL supply High Calorie of Coal? Low Calorie of Coal?
    Yes, we can provide and supply all, from High, Middle, to Low Calorie of Coal.
  • What is DNR COAL capacity in terms of volume?
    DNR COAL can produce up to 2,400.000 MT per month.
  • Do you export Coal to other countries?
    Yes, we have exported steam coal to Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam.